‘Give Trump a Chance,’ Says Boyfriend Who Refuses to Watch ‘Scandal’

After learning of the traumatic election results last week, Vera Daniel’s boyfriend Mike Lusitano brushed off her concerns, saying, “Give Trump a chance,” while refusing to watch even a single episode of the television show Scandal with Daniels.


“It was really weird to hear this from him,” says Daniels. “He’s asking me to give the benefit of the doubt to a man who treats women, Mexicans, blacks, and disabled people as second-class citizens, yet Mike won’t even watch forty minutes of a fictional drama he thinks he won’t like.”


Lusitano appears unable to recognize the hypocrisy in his demand.


“How bad could it be?” Lusitano reportedly asked Daniels, referring to a Trump presidency, The answer, of course, is that things could be very bad, and certainly much worse than any fate that could befall him for watching Scandal.


His pleas included requests to “not jump to conclusions” or “judge a book by its cover” despite his four years of ignoring appeals from Daniels arguing that the television show Scandal is “really engaging” and “faster paced than you’d think.”



Lusitano told Daniels to “calm down…he might not be as bad as you think,” despite letting out a loud moan any time he walks into the room to discover her watching Scandal and immediately saying “Can we watch something else, please?!”


Daniels expressed to her boyfriend that she was concerned about maintaining her reproductive rights under a Trump administration, to which he shrugged and said, “Just wait and see what they do.”


Lusitano has never maintained eye contact with a television for more than four seconds when an episode of Scandal was airing in his presence.


“It’s just like, objectively bad,” he explains. “I can just tell.”