Hairstylist a Little Too Passionate About How Much Better You Look Now

After finishing your roots and giving you a blowout, your hairstylist, Shaina, is a little bit too impressed at how good you look now.


This is the first time that the 33-year-old hairstylist has styled your hair, but it may be her last.


You reportedly entered the hair salon with your hair already conditioned and styled, and you actually thought that it looked pretty good. However, after dyeing your roots and giving you a blowout, Shaina dropped her scissors and comb on the table for emphasis before telling you what an insane metamorphosis you just went through.


“Oh my god,” Shaina said. “You look amazing! I bet you never thought your hair could look this good, did you?”



Witnesses report that you could only sheepishly smile and say “Yeah! Thanks,” in response.


“I really didn’t think that I looked that bad,” you told us. “I mean, I literally washed my hair this morning and did the whole routine, but I guess I was just an ugly-looking idiot this whole time!”


After removing your cape, Shaina was intent on asking you if she could use a “before and after” picture for her Instagram.


“You just look so good!” she told you. “I could get so many clients based on your transformation alone.”


At press time, Shaina also added that she could “do something about those eyebrows if you want.”


“I just want to help!” she said. “You’d be drop dead gorgeous if they had a little more shape to them.” 


According to reports, you had just tweezed them last night.