Woman’s Depressive Episode Picked Up for a Full Season

In exciting news out of Glendale, CA, 23-year-old Lea Thomas’s episode of depression showed enough promise to be picked up for a full season.


Depression fans, rejoice!


The critically-acclaimed episode follows Lea as she tries to listen to a meditation, gives up, watches 17 hours of Cake Boss instead, and then goes to sleep at 4 am, which made a major network jump to order 15 more episodes of it. 


According to critics, Lea’s depression had a very intriguing plot and dynamic characters in its pilot, which featured her lying in her bed for hours on end and only getting up occasionally to make herself oatmeal.


“That’s basically the only thing I had the strength to make,” Lea told reporters, “But I’m glad that it resonated with enough people that my depression got greenlit for a whole series.”


Right now, there are many rumors circulating about the new season of Lea’s depression, but some of the most interesting include one about her roommate, Tia, making a guest appearance where she offers to pay for Lea to go get a massage just to get her off their couch, but Lea says no. 



People close to the set are also saying that Lea won’t recover from her depression this season, but she will have a love interest — and that love interest is the Quaker guy on the Quaker Oats container.


When asked about the future plans for the arc of her depression in later seasons, Lea said, “I have no idea,” and “please just leave me alone.” 


We love a showrunner who keeps their secrets!


At press time, Lea has casted another star player to be in her brand new season of depression, and it’s none other than her therapist, Dr. Luanne Green. 


“She just adds something so essential to the plot,” one of the producers said. “I guess you could call it ‘mental health care’?”


The new season will premiere on Friday at 7/8c, or whenever Lea wants is ready to get out of bed.