Aw! This Dog is Never Happier Than When Its Owner is Experiencing a Depressive Episode

The occasional depressive episodes of Rochelle Gibson often send her nervous system for a wild and sad ride, making even the simplest tasks seem impossible. But on the other hand, her serotonin-starved body becomes a full-time cuddle machine for her adorable French Bulldog, Charlie!


For a snuggly apartment dog, it doesn’t get much better than a major depressive episode! This pup just has an absolute blast nuzzling up with his gal for up to four consecutive days at a time.


Rochelle will only leave her apartment to get tiny cubes of carrot cake from Seven-Eleven, and even then she brings lots of Charlie with her in the form of a highly noticeable and somewhat matted layer of dog hair on her clothes. She always returns home quickly to an ignorantly jubilant Charlie.


Aww! The bond between a tiny, snub-nosed dog and its chronically depressed owner is like no other.


“I really worry for Rochelle sometimes, but at least Charlie is doing amazingly,” said her friend Tamara. “He’s been barking a lot less now that she’s home all the time, which definitely does not help her motivate herself to leave, but I’m glad he’s enjoying himself. His Instagram has been really picking up in these past few weeks.”



Charlie will establish complete dominion over Rochelle’s life until her increased Prozac dosage starts to kick in. Though we’re not really sure what to root for, because this is too frickin’ cute!