QUIZ: Should You Apply to Grad School or Maybe Just Lie Down for a Few Minutes?

Well, it looks like you’re seriously considering whether or not you should apply for graduate school! But maybe you’re wondering if this is genuinely a good idea for you to invest your time and money in, or simply something you’re conjuring up while having an anxiety attack, fever, or what feels like an existential crisis but is maybe dehydration. If that’s the case, take the quiz below to find out if you should get another diploma or maybe just lie down for a couple of minutes!


Is there anything that you’re really passionate about that you’d really want to pursue for the next few years?

  1. Yes! I love to learn.
  2. Not sure.
  3. Huh???


Are you alright?

  1. I feel great! Clear, alert, and excited about this course catalog,
  2. I guess I’ve been better? I feel a little directionless.
  3. I’m gonna throw up.


How’s your vision right now?

  1. It’s good.
  2. Of the rest of my life? Of my path? Not great.
  3. SO blurry…


Have you had any water today?

  1. Yes! Lots! I love water.
  2. I drank some but I should probably drink more.
  3. My mouth is literally SO dry…


Do you think you would feel better if you were lying down right now?

  1. No! I love to stand! Maybe I’ll get a standing desk in grad school
  2. Maybe.
  3. Fuck.




Mostly 1s: You should go to grad school! You are very stable and healthy and you definitely don’t need to lie down right now. Have a great time at school!

Mostly 2s: Maybe sit and think about it a little more. You might not be in the right mind to think about grad school right now. Maybe take a few sips of water and make a pros and cons list!

Mostly 3s: You need to lie down RIGHT NOW! Maybe call a hospital. And above all, do NOT apply to grad school!