QUIZ: Are You A Big Little Lie Or A Pretty Little Lie?

Television is rife with so many amazing, dramatic, female-centric shows: Some have pretty little lies, some have big little lies, and it’s hard to know which kind of lie you are, personally, in your own life. Fortunately, we created this quiz so you can get to the bottom of all of this and see which kind of lie describes you the best!


  1. What is your ideal vacation spot?

A: Somewhere quiet and full of drama? And you’re pretty.

B: Somewhere sunny and full of drama and filled with BIG lies.


  1. What is your favorite holiday?

A: Halloween, because parties and costumes are always a recipe for danger!! Also, you’re little!

B: Halloween, because I know my child will have the BEST costume. Also, you’re little!


  1. When you have a bad day, you like to…

A: Sit on your bed for a second before your phone beeps or someone knocks on your door. Aww, pretty.

B: Gaze at the ocean for a second before my stupid fucking husband speaks to me. Big.


  1. Pick an addiction:

A: Drama, drama, drama!

B: Wine, wine, wine!


  1. If you were a piece of jewelry, you would be…

A: Something trendy, like a double-stranded necklace dangling around your cleavage and PRETTY.

B: Something classic, like a BIG diamond necklace your abusive husband gifted you in the shower.


  1. What has been stressing you out lately?

A: The SATs, your pretty mom, your pretty dad, your pretty friends, your pretty boyfriend, your pretty teachers, your pretty teacher boyfriend.

B: Your big child’s development and big sense of self and how it relates to your own big shortcomings.


  1. Who can you trust?

A: Your best friend, probably?

B: Your best friend, probably?




Mostly A’s: You are a Pretty Little Lie! Of course you answered mostly A’s, you devious little thing! You know that eyebrows are a thing to be envied and that people ALWAYS say threatening things very close to your face! As long as you maintain a perfect blowout, you can be whatever kind of teenage girl you want. Drama will always follow you, even if you think you’re above it. So go ahead and make out with your English teacher, you can marry him one day and it won’t be weird anymore. Rosewood is on the map due to your exploits! Face it: you’re pretty and little!


Mostly Bs: You are a Big Little Lie! A pretty little lie all grown up, you’ve taken your deviant tendencies to the next level and are involving your kids named totally normal things like Amabella and Ziggy! The constant roar of the ocean is NOTHING compared to the constant rage deep in your heart. Your past will haunt you, your insecurities will haunt you, and you will always maintain a perfect blowout. Treat yourself to a cool glass of wine in your cool glass house. Nobody fucks with you or puppets in Monterey.