6 Sexist Movies He Dislikes For Other Reasons

Many classic and modern movies are full of sexism, from one-dimensional female characters to insensitive depictions of violence against women. Luckily for the guy in your life, none of these elements are what bugs him about these movies: in fact, he probably didn’t even notice! Here are 6 sexist movies that he absolutely refuses to watch because of some dumb inconsistency or something.


The Social Network

This David Fincher classic is basically unwatchable for your boyfriend, not because its tiny handful of female character are, for the most part, crazy nuisances to the male protagonists, but because it didn’t even bother to get the facts of the real story right. He finds the lack of accuracy outrageous, but he has never once been annoyed by offensive gender stereotypes in any movie!


Jurassic World

What’s more implausible and outrageous than a woman traipsing through the jungle in high heels? The entire premise of the movie, that’s what. This reboot was a waste of time and money, because of the implausibility of Jurassic technology being squandered in a theme park, not because of the similarly implausible sexy garb. Actually, he has a pretty interesting argument for why it makes total sense that Bryce Dallas Howard is wearing heels while being chased by dinosaurs and he’d love to tell you about it!


500 Days Of Summer

Manic pixie dream girl tropes aside, your boyfriend considers this movie just kind of lame, you know? I mean, he loves Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but something about Zooey Deschanel just rubs him the wrong way.


Lord Of The Rings

That you have a problem with a lack of women in the entire series means that you just don’t understand the time period in which the source material was written. This was the early 1940’s! Yes, women were now being drafted into the WW2 efforts in Great Britain, and sure they taking on traditionally male roles in the workplace as men were sent off to fight, but they weren’t going on quests across a magical Shire. It simply didn’t happen! But, the fact that the eagles are only used for one plot convenience and not to take the fellowship across Middle Earth? Travesty.


Suicide Squad

He had high hopes for the DC offering, but he was deeply disappointed by the treatment of classic characters, while you were specifically saddened by the treatment of Harley Quinn. He walked out of the theater because there was just “way too much exsposition,” but you’re an “oversensitive feminazi” if you ever express your annoyance that there can only ever be one badass female character in any superhero movie.




The Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence flick had some major scientific inaccuracies, which definitely overshadows any of the sexist themes of the film in his eyes. It wasn’t worth the time he took to download the torrent in 1080p, but JLaw is kind of hot in it, at least.


Next time you find yourself furious about the sexist message or lack of representation in movies, put yourself in his shoes so you can focus on what’s really important: continuity errors.