‘RIP John Cena!’ and Other Things We Would Say if The Very Healthy John Cena Died

Oh, John Cena. Only the good die young. Luckily, John Cena is a great example of someone who is both young but alive! But if he suddenly died, we couldn’t help but express our sorrow by saying things like “RIP John Cena.” Here are five more things we would say if the extremely healthy John Cena died.


“I can’t believe John Cena died.”

If John Cena passed away, we would all be shocked. After all, he’s a young, athletic man at the peak of his health—and his career. If he were to suddenly pass away, we would shake our head in disbelief because we wouldn’t believe that John Cena died.


“Remember when he was that big bodyguard guy in Sisters? Yeah, that was John Cena. A lot of people don’t know that.”

If John Cena, who is as healthy as a horse and probably has a long life ahead of him, tragically died, this is something we might say, especially if we thought others hadn’t seen John Cena in one of his many movie roles.


“I feel like someone just dropped an Attitude Adjustment … to my heart.”

John Cena will probably live to be 100. But if he just suddenly died like, today, this is something we would say to show that we were heartbroken but also big time Cena fans who knew the names of his most famous moves. God, that would be a tough blow.


“One time I actually ran into John Cena. We just passed in a Trader Joe’s, but he seemed down to earth and totally normal.”

Listen—John Cena is safe. The man is in perfect health. But if he were to die, and you also needed a lil attention, this would be the perfect thing to say. Is it even true? Who knows? John Cena won’t be around to dispute it.



“John Cena sure is dead.”

This is an example of something insensitive you might say if John Cena had died. Of course, John Cena is living. Who knows if there’s anyone more alive than John Cena? But if he were to die today in some type of medical tragedy and you wanted to be tone deaf about it, this is what you would say.


We live in a world where the very healthy John Cena lives among us. But if he were to suddenly die, we could say any one of these comments. It’s good to prepare!