QUIZ: Which ‘Sex and the City’ Gal’s Style of Internalized Misogyny Are You?

Though the thrilling series finale happened over 12 years ago, we can’t help but still constantly think about Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha from HBO’s Sex and the City. Each and every one of those four gals was completely unique in her sexy style, her brash confidence, and her ability to internalize the patriarchy while thinking it was actually empowerment all along! Which Sex and the City gal’s style of internalized misogyny are you? Take this quiz to find out!


  1. Pick a drink!

A: Beer—it’s simple and easy!

B: Pink Cosmo. I like to feel girly!

C: Whiskey. I can totally hang with the guys.

D: Pinot Noir. Classy, just like me!


  1. You’ve been flirting with a guy over text, but he hasn’t asked you out yet. What do you do?

A: Decide that if he can’t make a move, he’s not worth my time.

B: Contemplate over what it must mean.

C: Show up to his apartment naked under a trench coat.

D: Mope to my friends about it over brunch.


  1. What is your favorite jewelry accessory?

A: Nothing. Why complicate things?

B: A gold Playboy necklace.

C: Lots and lots of diamonds.

D: My engagement ring!


  1. All of your friends are having babies except you! How do you feel?

A: It’s not really my business.

B: I don’t know how I feel. The change freaks me out.

C: I feel bad—for them! Don’t they realize they’re saying goodbye to all joy?!

D: Devastated. I want a baby more than anything!


  1. You accidentally fart in front of a guy you’ve been dating for over a year. What do you do?

A: Lock myself in the bathroom. This is the end of it all.

B: Cringe. Never bring it up. Ponder for weeks if that’s the reason why we eventually broke up.

C: Promise it won’t even happen again. That was a big mistake.

D: Move to a different state and change your identity.





Mostly A’s: You’re Miranda! You’re hardworking, funny, and badass but that doesn’t mean that you don’t still completely cater to men! Through your experience in the workforce and in romance, you know that men HATE complicated women, so you keep it simple with no fuss. Your style of internalized misogyny is believing that you need to effortlessly have it all and not appear vulnerable or complex at any turn! Get it, girl!


Mostly B’s: You’re Carrie! You’re stylish, girly, and you love the color pink! Your style of internalized misogyny is EMBRACING sexual and emotional expectations that men put on you, and then twisting them to believe that your ownership is empowerment! It’s not! You’re actually pretty unhappy! Turns out you’ve never effectively communicated with a single person you’ve dated. Life in NYC is pretty quirky, huh?


Mostly C’s: You’re Samantha—brash, sassy, and sexy! Your style of internalized misogyny is believing that men are better at sex than women, and that by having the sexual appetite of a “man,” you are better than other women. Meanwhile, you’re still working overtime to give men what you think they want. Eek! Now take that awesome confidence and claim what’s yours—but only if you’ve kept up with your bikini waxes!


Mostly D’s: You’re Charlotte! You’re so pure, kind, and gentle! Your style of internalized misogyny is to be a classic, super sophisticated Madonna Complex fulfiller! You love to occupy traditional gender roles and believe that all women are happier once they’ve gotten engaged and then married. Who can blame you? Missionary is mildly okay most of the time, after all!