Quiz: Do You Like My Bob?

Getting a drastic haircut can be so exciting, but also sooo scary! Haircuts ultimately change the way your face looks and can alter your overall vibe, but in the end, it’s most important to tell me, like, do you like my bob? No really, do you? Be honest! Take this quiz so I can find out how you really feel:


When you first saw my bob, what did you think?

a.) Waaaa! You look so freaking amazing!

b.) Oh my gosh, your hair looks… different! Wow, what a change. Sorry, it will take some time for me to get used to this.

c.) Sorry, I guess I just didn’t notice.


In general, do you like bobs?

a.) Bobs are so cute and honestly hot as hell! I love them!

b.) Bobs are okay. I don’t know, they’re not really my thing.

c.) I don’t think about hair that much.


Okay, but do you like my bob specifically?

a.) Bitch, you KNOW I DO!

b.) I don’t think so. Sorry, it’s not personal!

c.) Why do you care so much what I think? I answered, okay?



Ultimately I will have to wash this and it will be curly. How does that make you feel?

a.) My girl, curly or straight, this bob is rockin!

b.) Oh god, it will probably get even shorter! I guess I just like long hair on you.

c.) It really doesn’t make me feel anything. I’m sort of dealing with my own stuff.


Do you look upset because of my bob?

a.) Oh my gosh, no, I love your bob and I’m honestly jealous of your hot new ‘do!

b.) Yes, I hate your bob.

c.) I just found out I’m getting laid off. But maybe your good bob will make me feel better?




MOSTLY As: Hell yeah, bitch! You love my bob and I love you! Damn! Your enthusiasm is great, and also makes sense! This is a huge deal to me and also everyone else!


MOSTLY Bs: You’re a bitch. Why don’t you like my bob? Seriously, what the hell did I ever do to you? I know I look great, and after the way you didn’t care for my bob, you’re honestly dead to me.


MOSTLY Cs: You’re the worst of all. In what world is my bob not the most important thing happening right now? I changed my hair. I made it shorter. It looks different. Care, or at least pretend to? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive you for this. Who cares if you lost your job???? I GOT A FUCKING BOB!!