Easy Makeup Tips That Also Involve a Lot of Photoshop

You’re beautiful, just the way you are – especially if you have Photoshop to help you look thinner, younger and prettier. It’s time to let your true inner beauty shine through with the help of a few advanced Photoshop techniques to help you finally achieve those society-driven unrealistic expectations of female beauty.


Create a flawless complexion by completely altering your race.

Have genetics and the lifestyle restrictions of having a job left you looking like a pale freak? When six layers of bronzer aren’t enough, fix it by adding a layer of soft color #e4bba7 to give yourself the glow of a Brazilian supermodel.


Get those “I just had an allergic reaction” lips with the liquefy feature.

Lipstick might give you a nice smile, but it won’t give you that oh-so-sexy “I’m about to go into anaphylactic shock” pout. Remedy this using the liquefy feature, which helps bulge certain areas to make them appear larger, fuller and rounder. This trick also works great on your small boobs (no lipstick needed!).


Use the clone stamp tool to remove fine lines and unsightly body parts.

You can use as much concealer as you want, but anyone over 22 already has so many wrinkles that makeup will never fix. The clone stamp tool helps remove areas that hide your face, like fine lines, wrinkles and arm fat. Start by erasing dark circles under your eyes, as well as lines around your mouth and on your forehead. Continue by stamping out features you hate, like your upturned nose or your too-big ears. And, if you’re having a real “ugly day,” just go ahead and crop out your entire face.



Make excess weight disappear by putting your head on a way better body.

Why try portion control and exercise when you could just paste your face on a way hotter bod? Just ignore the reality of your condition and go for a look that screams, “I have the body of a 15-year-old!” Start by applying contour color to your cheekbones to slim your face. Then insert the cropped image of your head on a celebrity’s hot body. Trust us: It’s much more efficient than Crossfit.


Define your cheeks by just painting and drawing a line on them.

Blush can add a little bit of highlight, but a little isn’t going to cut it if you’re looking to go all “pop art mannequin” for a selfie. Use the airbrush feature to make your cheeks rosy and red, and draw a slight diagonal line with a drop-shadow where your cheekbones are supposed to be. You’ll look so good, your friends will wonder if you have a unique form of face-slimming rosacea!


Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but it’s what’s on the outside you’re going to post all over social media for the world to judge you. Make sure to put your best face forward, even if it’s not your actual face!