How To Receive A Necklace For Valentine’s Day Without Going ‘But I Thought The Old Lady Dropped It Into The Ocean In The End’

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve finally found the right guy who takes you out to dinner and showers you with gifts. Goals! And when he takes out a jewelry box and reveals a jewel eerily similar to the Heart of the Ocean necklace that you Rose dropped into the ocean at the end of your favorite romantic tragedy film Titanic, try not to look confused! Here’s how to accept that lovely necklace without saying, “But babe, I was like pretty sure the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end? What is this??”


Mention How Gorgeous It Is

It’s very important to reaffirm his gift choices so he feels comfortable getting you more presents in the future. We love gifts! Bring up how you love the deep blue color and not at all how it reminds you of the gorgeous gemstone a shriveled Rose DeWitt Bukater holds onto until her dying day before relinquishing it to the ocean, the same place she lost the love of her life, Jack Dawson. Smile instead of and act like the jewelry is the most exciting aspect of what’s happening here.


Try it On

You have to show that you care about the gift itself and not the fact that your mind is reeling over the fact that maybe your cool boyfriend dove to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve this necklace for you? Does he scuba? Focus! Just calmly try is on and say something a normal woman would like, “This is a nice necklace that fits well!” and not “Please confirm whether this is the 56 carat heart-shaped diamond originally work by Louis XVI?”


Give Him Your Gift

Pull out your perfect gift that is a fancy razor instead of screaming, “Never let me go, bitch!” just like Jack did before he froze to death.



Act normal and happy when your boo gifts you a necklace instead of freaking out because this necklace is legitimately worth $250 million. And if you’re thinking, “Does she know Titanic is a movie?” the answer is yes! But it’s based on a true story, dumbass!