Makeup Tips From That Clown Lurking Around Your Neighborhood

Clowns are making a big comeback in communities across the country, and one thing we know is that they are experts at makeup. In fact, one of those makeup experts has been terrifyingly lurking around your neighborhood every single night. Since lurking clowns usually don’t have much to say, we caught up with your local nightmare to get all his makeup secrets that really leave an impression!


Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

The foundation of a great look is, you guessed it: foundation! The unnamed clown that stands behind the tree on the edge of town recommends applying three or more layers of foundation before moving on to the rest of your face. Find the perfect match for your skin tone by testing a little bit on the back of your hand and then just picking white instead.




Current lip trends recommend you use an extra layer of lip liner, but the unblinking joker that sometimes shows up across the street thinks you can take that even further! Get the “walking nightmare” look by lining the full outline of your lips, then outlining that outline, and so on until you have a full, bright set of lips that go all the way up into your cheeks. To finish off the look, coil those lips into a demonic smile and direct that grin into the window of an innocent child’s bedroom. Traumatizing children is all the rage this season!


No Mascara!

This one was a shocker to us too, but not as much of a shock as the glow of demonic orange hair outside your home that appears at the stroke of midnight. Mascara is not necessary for the clown look, since all other elements are so pronounced. So skip the lashes and, hell, just apply another layer of foundation, and maybe take a walk through some neighbor’s backyards. This will help you stand out in a crowd or from behind a large bush or the back of a dark alley!


Accessorize with Balloons!

Tie your “certain death” vibe together with a cluster of unwavering balloons! They’re not technically makeup, but this accessory draws the eye in and really plays with the color palette you’ve established on your trauma-inducing face and signature lurking style. Now you’re totally ready to creep the fuck out of people with your fresh new look!


Try these tips to amp up any look, especially at night. You’ll leave everyone wanting more, or much, much less!