Chic Blazers To Hide That You Forgot To Put On Deodorant Again

If you’re a young professional, you probably own at least one blazer. And since you’re a busy woman, you may not always remember to put on deodorant before leaving the house. Maintain your chic office style by throwing on one of these blazers that will help cover up the fact that you forgot to put on deodorant and already have an odor going on under there. Again.


Floral Blazer

Flower prints are a must-have for all seasons, especially since your sweat glands are active year-round! This dazzling pattern is especially helpful on days that you remembered to do one pit, but not the other, because your Uber was right outside and that’s just not something you were really thinking about. The vibrant colors and rich pattern will distract any coworkers from seeing you as the olfactory disaster that you truly are.


Pointy Shoulder Pad Blazer

This 80s throwback is a perfect fall staple for any hard-working fashionista who needs to keep her stank under wraps. Keep one draped over the back of your chair at all times in case of antiperspirant emergencies. Remember, better to wear this vintage number than ask Marge to borrow her deodorant because that will definitely draw too much attention to you!


Blazer From the Lost and Found

This blazer doesn’t even fit you; it’s a weird color, and it smells like moth balls. But at least that will drown out the smell of your bad, bad body. Instead of your boss getting a whiff of your poor hygiene, they’ll simply think, “Why on earth is she wearing that dusty blazer?”



A Puffy Coat

You stink like an old ox and you’re sweating all over, so why not cover your body with this floor-length winter coat? For extra stink-coverage, suck your head and limbs into the interior and curl up in a little ball. You live here now. This coat is perfect for stinky stinks to think about their mistakes until the clock strikes 5PM.


Next time you forget to put on deodorant, just throw on one of these stylish blazers to make it through the day. You cannot afford to have another “talk” with HR about this!