Man Who Knows Every Character In The DC Universe Forgot Your Name Again

When it comes to DC comic books, 30-year-old Brendan Marsh has encyclopedic knowledge of every character and story. Perhaps that’s why it seemed so odd that Brendan forgot your name yet again this past weekend at your mutual friend’s party for the third time this year.


Yet sources confirm that just the other day, he corrected the spelling of Harley Quinn’s name on one of the many DC Universe forums he reads.


“Yeah, I mean, that’s completely different,” says Marsh when asked about this seeming inconsistency. “She’s an icon. She’s Harley Quinn. Of course I wouldn’t forget her name. She’s a huge part of my life.”


Brendan’s girlfriend has reassured you this isn’t the first time Brendan has done a shitty job at remembering people’s names.


“Once we had just come back from a weekend trip with my best gal pal Frankie and he forgot her name again,” says his girlfriend, Nancy. “I was like dude, there were only six people staying at that Airbnb. Just pretend she’s like the Green Lantern’s sister or something.”


Upon hearing this, Brendan whipped his head around and retorted, “Ha, yeah right, the only thing we know about Green Lantern’s sister is that she’s married to Black Lightning. If we knew her name, I’d know her name.”


Still, it is unclear why he can’t be bothered to learn your name, which is Sarah.


“He literally competes in trivia nights where he has to fire off the intimate details of hundreds of fictional characters for hours on end,” says Dan, his coworker. “I guess I get it, you know the human mind can only hold so much.”



Sources confirm that isn’t true. However, as you were leaving the party, Brendan approached you, saying, “It was so nice to meet you, Emma. Really. Have a safe trip home to…,” he said before you reminded him you live in New York City.


“Oh, like Gotham,” he added, excitedly. “Okay I will never forget that.”