Job Search Officially Called Off After Request For Cover Letter

Sources close to 27-year-old Katy Matthews have confirmed that she has officially called off her job search after finding that several listings request a cover letter in addition to a resume.


It’s personally devastating,” announced Katy. “I’m done trying to figure out how to craft a cover letter, and honestly never really began trying.”


Katy began her job search for a data analyst position with high hopes, but after making it 90 percent of the way through her first online application, she was dismayed to find that the employer wanted a cover letter in addition to the documents she had already provided. “That is when I quit looking for a job,” she said of the turning point in the application process. “It’s just not worth it.”


While sources confirmed Katy has always been a hard worker, the task of writing a cover letter has clearly proved to be too much for her to handle.



“Everyone has a limit to changing their job situation,” says Katy. “And mine is writing 500 original words for a potential employer. It’s hard, boring and I won’t do it.”
Although Katy has said that the chances of her resuming an active job search in the future are “extremely slim” she has stated that she is open to being approached by friends, family and colleagues who are interested in hiring her as long as they don’t expect a cover letter.


“If someone asked me to shoot them a resume, then yeah, I would apply in a heartbeat. That would be great,” said Katy. “But I’d rather be unemployed for the rest of my life than write three simple paragraphs about why I deserve this job, which I do deserve for many reasons.”