Hiring Manager Thinks Your Company-Specific Cover Letter a Little Desperate

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In a cringey story coming out of your LinkedIn page, the hiring manager for the company you’re applying to thinks your cover letter detailing how much you appreciate the work that the company does reads as a little desperate.


In the cover letter that you submitted to AppleADay, a company whose mission statement is to make at-home healthcare easier through the use of modern technology, you made sure to illustrate how much you’ve wanted to work there, and how your skills in user experience design would help them to create an even better company website.


However, the hiring manager who read your cover letter was a little put off by it.


“I just think it makes them seem a little clingy,” AppleADay hiring manager, Ellie Gray, told us. “They’d probably be great for the company, but we don’t really want someone who’s this available.”


Yikes! That’s embarrassing.


“Here at AppleADay, our ideal candidate for the position is someone who’s a little bit out of our league,” Ms. Gray continued. “Sure, this person has the right credentials and is definitely qualified for the role, but their desperation makes it seem like…. I don’t know… like maybe they’re hiding something?”


Fair point, but this isn’t what you had in mind at all!


“It’s not like I actually believe what I wrote in my cover letter,” you say. “I just wanted to put my best foot forward and show my enthusiasm for working there. Don’t employers want someone who cares about the job they’re applying for?”



“Not really,” the hiring manager said. “We want someone who has their own things going on, not someone who’s gonna possibly make this career their whole ‘thing’. It’s just not appealing.”


Next time you apply to a job, you might want to leave some of the job application questions blank, or make your cover letter seem really casual by adding some emojis. After all, you don’t want to seem overeager.


Better luck next time!