Finally! Guy Posting All His Oscar Picks On Facebook

Well it’s every film fan’s favorite time of year – the time when Dan Hill posts his Oscar picks on Facebook! After careful deliberation, Hill finally announced his picks on the social media website Monday – and everyone’s rejoicing.


“Here it is, everyone. Drumroll please…” Hill began in his much anticipated statement.


Hill’s Oscar picks delighted Facebook readers, especially his unexpected and passionate plea for Bohemian Rhapsody as the winner for best picture.


“It rocked us. Plain and simple,” says Hill in defense of the film.


“If Christian Bale doesn’t win for Vice, we should maybe just give up on the art of filmmaking altogether,” said Hill, who is remembered by avid Facebook fans for previously declaring Pulp Fiction to be, “the best movie of all time – bar none!”


Despite some controversy, the commenters were largely in favor of Hill’s picks.



“Love your lists man!” wrote Michael Chin.


“I don’t know if I’d put Green Book quite up there as my number one for screenplay,” says friend Frank Barnes. “But I understand why Dan feels passionately about it.”


Still, as is the case most years there are always naysayers.


“Dan’s lists are such bullshit,” says his sister, Alison. “He still hasn’t even seen The Favourite.”