How to Think About Ever Having Sex with a Man Again

Our country elected a new figurehead of rape culture into the highest office in the land. After hearing his insults toward women and his bragging about sexual assault, you’re definitely not feeling super horny right now. But if you’re into this kind of stuff, at some point in the future, you may want to consider sex with a man again (though honestly we get it if you’ve totally given up on that). If there comes a time when you are ready to consider the chance of having sex again, here’s how to get there:


Stock Up On Birth Control

Even if you’re just slightly considering sex with a man in the near future, you’re going to want to know you have ample access to birth control before, during, and after this scenario. You’ll want to make sure you have the freedom to know it’s what you really want at the time, and you need those boxes of condoms staring you in the face in solidarity whether you go that route or not. It’s your body and your choice to not consider any of this right now if it’s too soon.


Wait At Least 100 Days into His Term

Since we have no idea what he’s going to do yet, that kind of uncertainty won’t do much for your current inability to look a man in the eye with any kind of lust. Really, anything could happen – restricting birth control access, deporting immigrants, inviting the KKK into the White House for a Playboy party – who knows?! You don’t want to subject yourself to the guilt and disgust of hearing about it within the same week of considering sex with a man again. This could turn you off of sex with a man for all time, and you do actually wanna do it again, probably sometime.



Journal Your Period Symptoms and Read them Aloud to Him

If you’re even going to think about sex with a man, you have to feel like he’s one of the good ones and he is really with you and respects you. Making him bear witness to your struggles as a woman is the only way to be sure he sees you as a whole thinking, feeling, person, and not just some pussy to grab, which is a thing that our president-elect says and that we as a nation are apparently fully comfortable with.


Consider Masturbating to Thoughts of A Man and Make Sure that Still Appeals to You

Do you really want this? Have you checked recently to see if you’re into women now? People change and if there’s even a sliver of a chance that you could go that route you’re definitely going to want to now. These men don’t seem worth it.


Thinking about maybe having sex with a man again is a big step that most of us are just not ready for. And that’s okay. Easing back into the thought of having sex with a man may take years, just like the prospects of a future female president or even just a president who thinks women are people.