How to Plant Seeds of Spending Christmas Together Until He Thinks It’s His Idea

You’ve been with your guy for almost a year and things are starting to get serious. And if you celebrate Christmas, it’s time to start planting the seeds for him to come and visit your family without making things weird. Here’s how to subtly plant the seeds so that one day he blooms the idea that you should have a holly, jolly Christmas by each other’s sides, just like you planned.


Whisper In His Ear While He Sleeps

The brain still processes information during sleep, so cozy up next to your man and whisper “Invite me home for Christmas” over and over again, for hours. He’ll be sure to get the subliminal message, especially if you do this consistently for nights on end. You’ll be tired, but you can sleep when you’re at his parents’ place in Maine on that special holiday! It was so nice of your guy to invite you.


Mutter It Over Dinner and Then Pretend Like You Didn’t Say Anything

When you’re having a romantic dinner, mutter “I wanna spend Christmas with your lovely family so bad,” quietly under your breath. He won’t hear you, so when he asks for clarification, just say, “I didn’t say that at all—but hey, that’s not a bad idea!”



Leave an Anonymous, Threatening Note

If he still isn’t taking a hint, leave a series of anonymous notes strongly suggesting that there will be negative consequences if he doesn’t bring you home for Christmas (and there will be!!!). In your threatening, anonymous notes, try to strike a balance between scaring him into asking you, and making him feel safe enough that he won’t call the police. Before you know it, he’ll be nervously bringing up that maybe…maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you went home with him for Christmas.


No one should have to spend Christmas without their significant other by their side. With these tips, you’ll be able to get merry with your man, whether he truly wanted you there or not!