This Grandma’s Holiday Tradition is Making All her Granddaughters Go Around the Table Sharing Their Weight

Every year around the holidays, Rose Parker gathers all of her granddaughters around the dinner table to catch up and celebrate one of her favorite holiday traditions: going around the table asking everyone how much they weigh.


“I need to know how all my grandbabies are doing. They’ll never find a husband if they can’t even just tell me how much they weigh,” said Rose while refilling her purse with hard candies.


“My mother did the same, as did her mother, and my mother’s mother’s mother, and so on,” added Rose. “You get the idea.”


All six granddaughters have tried to make her stop every year with no success.


“We try to explain to her why that question is toxic and inappropriate,” said Georgia Parker, the eldest of the granddaughters. “But she just shakes her cane and tells us to stop reading so much and walks away.”



“Most people just have to deal with questions about who they’re dating, but this is just too much,” said Ellie Parker, another one of Rose’s granddaughters. “And to make things worse, I think she’s been secretly writing down how much we all weigh.”


When asked why the grandsons are never asked how much they weigh Rose walked away, shaking her head and shouting, “I don’t care if the world is changing. Tradition is tradition!”