8 Morning Affirmations That Can Be Turned into Normal Sentences if Your Roommates Overhear

Another morning begins with you gripping the sink, making deep eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Relax. All that you seek is already within you. Unlock your limitless potential with these morning affirmations that will allow your wildest material and emotional dreams to manifest, but can also be bailed on real fast if you think someone overheard you.


1. “I am confident.”

Say it. Be it. Wait, what was that noise?  Is Abby up already? No worries, just tack on a few words to make it “I am confident that I put my hairbrush somewhere around here.”


2. “I am enough.”

You, in your fun run sleep shirt, are already enough as you are. But if you hear footsteps nearby, go ahead and shift that into “I am an official member of the Beanie Baby Fan Club.” She won’t think anything unusual is going on in there.


3. “I am a good person.”

Give yourself credit for being the upstanding individual you are. “I am a good personal pizza orderer. That was fun last night, hanging out at the pizza place. I am on the phone.”


4. “I love myself.”

So often we forget to give ourselves love. But if you forgot to close the door before saying this, quickly clarify with “I love my self-balancing hoverboard!” Note: This versatile fix will also sorta work for “I trust myself” and “I forgive myself.” Just consider buying a hoverboard if this is one you repeat often.



5. “I am full of vitality.”

Live your life fully, except if someone overhears. Then opt for “I am full of vitamin D. Yup, I took my supplements.”


6. “I am safe.”

Banish anxiety. You are secure in your home. Shit, Sarah’s home too?! Try “I am saving the rest of this croissant for later.” You seem sensible now!


7. “This day brings me joy.”

Set yourself up for happiness. When you realize your roommate’s standing behind you, save the moment with “This day brings me Joy dishwashing liquid ordered from Amazon. Gotta love Prime!”


8. “I am wealthy.”

You need to invite abundance into your life. But if there’s a knock at the door, throw them off with a quick, “I am, well, the technical term is ‘defecating.’” They’ll understand!


Congratulations, you’re now becoming the best person you can be in without anybody knowing you’re trying too hard!