Kelly Ripa’s Belly Button Gets Morning Show

Kelly Ripa

In a bold move by ABC producers, Kelly Ripa’s belly button has been given its own morning show to immediately follow her own. After its recent public debut, Ripa’s abdominal area quickly overshadowed her personality among fans of Live with Kelly and Michael. It became evident that Ripa’s abs are just as charismatic and engaging as Ripa herself.
“It was a tough decision between her midsection and her arms,” said executive producer Michael Gelman, “but her abs really stole the show.”

Despite rumors of Mario Lopez, Ryan Seacrest or Anderson Cooper taking the helm, producers confirm that the more understated body part of Ripa’s was the right fit for this new role in the ABC family.
When asked about a potential co-host for the show, Gelman responded, “We’re trying to keep our minds open. It could be a man, it could be a snack food; we just don’t know yet. Her belly button may have enough star power to stand on its own.”