‘The Sound of Music Live!’ Garners 18.6 Million Hate Viewers

Over 18 Million viewers tuned in to hate-watch Carrie Underwood’s performance as Maria in The Sound of Music Live! telecast on NBC this Thursday. Millions of fans of the 1965 musical gathered in homes across the country to curse Underwood’s every pathetic attempt to be as good as Julie Andrews.



“Oh my God, more like Carrie Underwhelming!” yelled Dan Cavaletti to his boyfriend Michael, who had gotten up to mix him another martini, as both watched Underwood’s woeful efforts to outshine living legend Julie Andrews from their Chelsea apartment. “I could do this better! It’s the sound of you making me sick!”


As the cast of Montclair High School’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying gathered in a basement to hate-watch, sophomore Claire Denison was beyond unimpressed. “She’s not even pretty. Okay, she’s pretty. But not that pretty. Whatever. I hate her.”


Angry reactions to Underwood’s performance lit up the Twittersphere as viewers tuned in from across the globe to be enraged by her.


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Asked whether they thought True Blood star, Stephen Moyer, was equally detestable in the performance, viewers expressed sincere adoration. “He’s so adorable,” said die-hard musical theater fan Corrina Monroe, 19. “He is literally so fucking perfect.”