Inspiring! This Woman Only Spent Half of Her Friend’s Wedding Thinking About Her Own Failed Relationships

For most single people, watching two people commit to each other for the rest of their lives brings up a lot of feelings. But one woman only spent half of her friend’s wedding thinking about her own failed relationships.


Last weekend, 29-year-old Charlotte Gainsville attended her college roommate Frieda Bevin’s wedding in Chicago. Despite having gone through a messy breakup last year and many breakups most years before that, Gainsville was still willing to celebrate the couple for a solid half of their special day.


That’s what we call bravery!


While other guests believed Gainsville was weeping tears of joy for the bride and groom’s union, she readily admits half the time she was crying because she really thought she would marry most of her ex-boyfriends.


“On the one hand, Frieda looks absolutely beautiful.” says Gainsville, before pausing to blow her nose. “On the other hand, I’ve literally never not been dumped.”




“I don’t think I’ve ever seen Charlotte this present at a wedding before,” says her friend Greta Worlhort. “She usually runs out dramatically before the vows, which makes sense, because she’s alone and depressed. But this time she stayed for the whole hour-long ceremony. I guess she’s matured.”



She has, and we’re into it!


Gainsville will attend her sister’s wedding this month, and has set a lofty goal to only think about her old flames forty percent of the time.


“It will be hard not to imagine myself walking down the aisle with any of my many exes in the groom’s place,” she says. “But hey, reach for the stars, you know?”


Reach, bitch – you’ve got this!