Wow! This Lazy Asshole Thinks It’s Chill to Bring Chips to a Potluck

Nina Muniz was excited to attend her friend’s international potluck and sample a bunch of delicious homemade dishes. But because Muniz is a lazy asshole, all she brought to the party was a bag of chips. Wow!


Witnesses say that Muniz went straight for the homemade onion dip despite having only contributed a small bag of chips. Friends were not pleased.


“I mean, maybe I would understand if it was chips and salsa,” says Bailey Alonso, Muniz’s best friend. “But Nina literally brought a bag of tortilla chips that still had the ‘2 for $4’ sticker on it. Who does that? And what happened to the other bag?”


Muniz, who has always been a real lazy fucking asshole, was unaware of any breach in potluck etiquette.


“I’m a busy woman,” she says. “I thought I’d pass a gourmet grocery or something on my way here, but I didn’t. So I bought two bags of chips at the 7-Eleven on the corner. I ate one while I waited in line.”


Other potluck attendees resent the idea that Muniz is “the only one with a fucking job, give me a break.”



“I spent over $60 and three hours on my contribution,” says Sarah Liu, the organizer of the potluck. “Nina has already eaten half of the pot stickers I made. And all of the cheese. No one’s even touched her shitty chips!”


According to Liu, Muniz continued to exhibit lazy and kind of fucked-up behavior throughout the party, including raiding the fridge for food that wasn’t even offered to guests.


“She ate everything I had meal prepped,” says Liu. “I guess I’ll just be eating her stupid chips for lunch every day this week!”


But Muniz’s lazy shitty behavior didn’t even end there. At the end of the night, she pulled a large Tupperware container out of her purse and started packing up leftovers from her friend’s dishes, telling anyone who would listen, “This is going to be such a great lunch tomorrow.” She then attempted to take her unopened bag of chips home with her.


Before she left, Muniz’s friends offered her an ultimatum. Either Muniz would have to stop being a lazy asshole and step up her potluck game, or she wouldn’t be invited to the next one.


Under the threat of exclusion, Muniz gave in saying, “Fine. Next time, I can bring utensils.”