Pregnant Drew Barrymore Reveals Her Fave Baby Names

Baby Names

It’s been a big year in celebrity babies – and we’re starting to wonder what’s on the 2014 baby name horizon. Luckily, glowing mama-to-be and friend of Reductress, actress Drew Barrymore, shared her predictions on what names will be all the rage in the new year:

Nature Names

People have named their children after flowers and botanicals for years, and according to Drew, “it’s way important to find new naturals for your baby.” For girls, Drew likes Branch, Fly, and Tuft-of-grass. For a boy: Barnacle, Sediment and Osmosis. “Osmosis is definitely up there for me, it conjures up images of strength and sensitivity, a beautiful combination for any male spirit to have.”

Food Names

“Gwynie inspired me so much after naming her daughter, Apple – I was dead set on naming my first baby Veggie Burger, but my husband vetoed it, so we compromised on Olive.” For girls, Drew thinks breakfast foods will be all the rage: Pancake, Oatmeal, and Omelette. For boys, it’s all about classic American Beverages: Koolaid, Coke, and Anheuser-Busch. “Kid’s are always so thirsty!”


Classic Names

The past decade has seen retro names come back in style, but Drew believes there are even more old-timey names that “like, MUST be brought back.” For girls, watch for names like Bertha, Mehibitable, and her personal favorite, Eunice. “I saw that and didn’t know how to pronounce it but I thought it was like, SO sweet.” Also, get ready to meet a lot of baby boys named Morty, Adolph, and Algernon in the upcoming months.

Non-Traditional Names

“Embrace the sacredness of walking off the beaten path with unusual names. For a girl, try an offbeat city name like Trenton, New Jersey. For a boy, try something violently fantastical like Apoxalypxe.”
And what will Drew name her little bundle of joy? “I’m still not sure, but I do know it will be something no one has heard before – maybe something starting with an ‘F,’ like Fled.”