Is He Cheating on You With Me?

Trust is the most important factor in a successful relationship. Your guy may have said “I love you,” but in this digital dating age of instant gratification and prolific hookup opportunities, how can you really be sure that Mr. Perfect isn’t cheating on you with the author of this article? Here are some signs that your man is two-timing you with me:


You Recognize My Name from That Overly-Affectionate Birthday Wish
Yes, I’m THAT Elena. The one who wrote, “Happy birthday darling! I still can’t believe we wound up in the same city after college! Looking forward to many more fun nights with you ;-)” on his Facebook wall. If you read this and suspected that we seem a little too close, you’re probably right. I’m probably sleeping with him.


He Suddenly Changes His Phone Passcode to My Birthday
Nothing says “red flag” like a sudden increase of the privacy settings on your guy’s devices. If you used to share a computer and use each other’s phones regularly, but he suddenly decided to add a passcode to his phone, he may be cheating. And if that passcode is “1124”–my birthday and month–it is most likely with me. Try putting this into his phone. I dare you!


He Avoids Eye Contact When Looking at Pics of Me
The eyes are known as the gateway to our souls, and sometimes feelings can be communicated via eye contact alone. Conversely, a lack of eye contact can tell you almost as much about a person. If your guy is suddenly avoiding eye contact with you while browsing through my Instagram selfies, we may be having an affair.



He Said He Was Working Late, but Alexa Swears She Saw Him Out With a “Mystery Brunette”
You’ve known your girlfriends way longer than you’ve known your man, so trust their instincts! If your boyfriend tells you he’s stuck at the office all night, but Alexa texts you, “OMG, Brandon HERE, dancing with some brunette!” chances are she’s telling the truth and is probably talking about me. Especially if the mystery brunette is also described as “hot”, “wearing red lipstick” or “grinding on his crotch.” Guilty!


He’s Accidentally Called You “Elena” More Than Once
If you’ve ever been in an intimate moment with him, and he’s said something like, “I’ve always loved you, [My Name]” or “Oh, god, yes! YES! FUCK ME, [My Name]!”—I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he and I are probably enjoying an emotional and physical connection far beyond anything you’ll ever experience with him. Ouch! Sorry, girl!


While no one enjoys finding out about a partner’s infidelity, learning an unpleasant fact early on in the relationship is often easier than discovering it after many years. I hope these tips help you discover the truth soon so that your mind may be at rest and Brandon and I can finally be together someday.