Is He A Neoliberal Sellout Or Just Cheating On You?

Your perfect boyfriend is suddenly acting strange, coming home late, and taking more trips out of town. Your gut tells you that something is up but before you accuse your man of the ultimate sin, being a neoliberal sellout, ask yourself if maybe he’s just cheating on you like a normal, awful dude.


Is He On His Phone A Lot?

Does your boyfriend seem to be the phone for hours at a time? If he’s complaining about trade regulations on the phone with Wall Street executives, then uh oh, he’s a corporate shill. But if you’re hearing muffled groans then it’s okay, he’s just having hot phone sex with the cute waitress at Olive Garden you swear he made eyes at.


Is He Going Out Of Town A Lot?

Has your couch potato boyfriend become a jetsetter? If your slacker boyfriend suddenly has a slew of business trips, you need to watch out. He might be heading to documented NAFTA meetings and saying things like, “It’s important that the free market is strong” and “competition is healthy” like a shortsighted sellout. But if there’s no evidence of that, your guy is most likely just racking up credit card points wining and dining a kinky mistress six states away.


Has He Taken A Sudden Interest In His Appearance?

There’s nothing inherently wrong about a guy who wants to look good. However, if your cargo shorts, flip flop wearing man is looking fine out of the blue, something might be up. He may be refusing to be seen at a union strike like some sort of capitalist huckster. Maybe have someone follow him to make sure he’s just looking dapper to impress his secret girlfriend or to attract beautiful women while you’re at the doctor’s office for IBS.



Is His Sex Drive Different?

Has your man picked up a few new moves? Is he unable to keep his paws off you? The sudden change might be hot at first but if he’s yelling out Macron or Merkel’s name in bed, then he has betrayed his progressive values. Otherwise it might just mean his libido is of the charts because he’s finally broken the undeniable sexual tension he shares with his best friend.


While these clues can’t say for certain that your guy is cheating; hopefully, they will help you figure out if he’s just another greedy neoliberal sellout.