Is He Into You? Here Are Five Unreliable Signs

It’s not always easy to know if a guy is into you. Maybe he really does want to grab coffee to discuss his resume, or maybe it’s an excuse to try to bone you! If you’re wondering if he likes you as more than a friend, there are some simple clues that won’t actually assure you of anything because this is all just guesswork on our part. Here are those five pretty unreliable signs to look out for:


He’s not afraid to be vulnerable around you.

If a guy is really opening up to you, it could be sign he’s into you! But it could also just be a sign he sees women solely as a source of emotional labor, and he’s using you as a therapist, with no specific interest in you as a person. You are just a sounding board for him to think about himself. This sign is not a great one to base your judgment of his interest level on, cause this is all based on like one experience someone had that seemed pretty legit at the time. Move on to the next sign!


He talks to his mom about you.

If he’s mentioning you to his mom, you’re probably a pretty important thing on his mind. Maybe he’s bringing you up to get the opinion of the woman he values most! Or it could just be that he tells his mom every single fucking thing that happens to him because he’s an emotionally stunted manchild who wants to feel seen. But this could be a good thing. We don’t know. Maybe just forget about this sign?


He’s considerate of your needs.

If a guy is asking if you’re hot or cold, or trying to get your take on things, it might mean he really cares about you. But maybe he was just trained to have really good manners and actually his obsession with taking care of the women around him is an indication of his patronizing perception of women as the weaker sex. Could go either way. This sign is not clear. Don’t take our word on this.


He compliments you.

If he’s noticing nice things about you and tells you about them, it sounds like he might be into you! But also he could be a narcissist who’s trying to groom you to do his bidding once you fall into his trap. Watch out! This might be a sign he’s into you? But it could also be a sign that he’s a terrible monster. Who really knows! Signs are so confusing and really vary from person to person.



He’s always checking in.

If he’s always texting or calling, it seems like you’re his top priority. But he could be a social butterfly or someone who needs a lot of attention. Maybe he just texted five girls that joke about Thoreau being a “bore-o”. He might like you. He might not. Maybe you’ve both been dead this whole time? This is definitely a sign, we’re just not sure of what.


If you’re not sure if he’s into you, see if any of the signs above resonate for you. But it doesn’t really matter because these might be a totally wrong indication of what’s going on. Maybe just ask him?