5 Signs He’s Not That Into This Proposal

Being proposed to is one of the most important moments in your life. But is Kevin really excited to spend the rest of his live with you, or is he phoning it in with this ten-piece band he hired to play while your whole family watches? Use these hot tips to tell whether or not your guy is into this proposal.


He’s Not Sweating

The secret to a successful marriage is that you can’t sweat the small stuff, and if Kevin were really into this, he’d be straight up dripping right now. But you’ve been walking in this park for five minutes and there’s nothing. Is he really this chill on one of the most vulnerable moments of his life, or is he just not that invested in this elaborate marriage proposal?


He’s Just Quoting Shakespeare

Kevin’s proposal is gorgeous. It’s full of bon mots about how you changed his life for the better and how much he loves you. But it’s totally obvious that this shit is not his material. Sure, it’s nice for him to ask, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” but what does it mean? Is he quoting the Bard because he really means it or would he just rather be watching Shakespeare in Love right now? Ugh!


He Got You a Ring from Your Pinterest Board

You had about 100 princess cut diamonds pinned to your very public engagement ring Pinterest board, and Kevin took note. But did he do it because he knew you’d love it or because he was too lazy to come up with ideas himself?



There’s Already Champagne

As soon as you said yes, the waiter rushed over with a bottle of champagne. Wow, he sure is making other people take care of things. Does he even care? Now he’s going to sit patiently as you photograph your hand for twenty minutes to get the perfect #ISaidYes Instagram. It’s like he’s totally zoned out!


There Wasn’t Even a Single Blimp

One of the most challenging ways to propose is with a blimp, and he didn’t get you one Sure, you didn’t want one, but that’s beside the point. Kevin just won’t step up when there’s a challenge. Should you even say yes??


A proposal is one of the most important moments in life—and it should be perfect. With these tips you’ll be able to figure out if your guy is into the proposal or not.