6 Masters Degrees to Get While You Wait For Him To Text Back

You texted Cole this morning, but still haven’t received a response. He’s probably going to get back to you, but waiting is stressful and time-consuming. Instead of panicking, make the most of the wait by completing a Master’s Degree. He’ll definitely have texted back by the time you graduate!


Creative Writing

You thought the text you sent to Cole was witty and cute, but since he hasn’t responded in hours, you might not be as entertaining as you thought. Spice up your writing skills with a Masters in Creative Writing! If Cole hasn’t texted back in the two years it takes to complete the degree, at least you could have a book written by then. Nice!


Computer Science

Cole is definitely going to get back to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t better yourself in the meantime. Go back to school to get a graduate degree in Computer Science! Cole loves nerdy girls, plus with your computer science knowledge you can hack into his phone, check his calendar, and find out if he really was busy when you texted him. I mean, why else wouldn’t he have answered?



You just got a text from your mom, which means this isn’t an issue with your phone. But Cole still hasn’t gotten around to texting you yet. Don’t worry, wait it out in a Masters of Psychology program. In a short 24 months you’ll learn the inner mechanisms of the human brain and will be able to determine what went wrong in Cole’s childhood that lead him to never text back. Or maybe he’ll have replied by then! Hopefully!!



Maybe Cole doesn’t understand English very well, and that’s why you haven’t received any answer! In case he prefers to text in a different language, get a Masters degree in French. By taking summer classes you can finish in a quick year and a half. That’s not bad for a graduate degree, or for waiting for Cole to text back.



International Relations

Instead of staring at your phone for three hours straight, praying that Cole’s name will pop up on the screen, take courses in political science, economics, and history for the next 104 weeks. Once you have your degree in hand, you’ll be so worldly that Cole texting back won’t even matter. Did he text you back though?



The chances are slim, but what if Cole hasn’t answered because he got into a terrible, disfiguring accident? As you wait for his reply, get a degree in Nursing. This way, once he does get back to you, you can be there for him both emotionally and medically. And then he can text you back.


Sometimes guys are slow to text back, but use this time for yourself and get an advanced degree. In two years you’ll be walking proudly across the stage in your cap and gown and when your phone vibrates with the notification that Cole has answered your text, it’ll be that much more satisfying.