This Woman Forgot She Had a Butt Until a Man Sitting in Front of Rite Aide Reminded Her

Earlier this week, Marisol Lippa totally forgot that she had a big womanly butt. Luckily, Willis Baker was waiting outside a Rite Aide to remind her! The currently unemployed 56-year-old selflessly looked Lippa up and down, made a kissy noise, and said, “Damn, you got an ass!”


Lippa, who had just that morning put on her first sundress of the summer, had completely forgotten that she had a butt under all the winter clothes she’d been wearing. Thankfully, Baker was quick to jog her memory. In addition to announcing out loud that she had a butt, this heroic man also held up his hands and made squeezy motions, like he was squeezing her butt cheeks.


“It was cold up until the day before, so I’d been wearing all these layers,” says Lippa. “I’d totally just spaced out and forgot I had a butt. Thank god he was there to see my ass and say basically, ‘Yes that’s an ass.’ Then for a second I was like ‘what’s an ass,’ but the hand squeezes immediately reminded me what an ass is shaped like and, more specifically, that I have one.”


What a kind gentleman!


Baker insists he’s no hero – just a good Samaritan trying to help out a person in need.


“Like they say in the NYC subways, ‘when you see something, say something,’” he says. “And when I see a beautiful woman ass, I’m going to say, out loud, ‘Hello ass.’ Or something like that, you get it.”


Lippa’s just glad she avoided a potentially difficult situation.



“I can’t even imagine what would have happened if that man hadn’t said something loud and vile about my ass,” she admits. “Maybe I would have never remembered that I had an ass. And then where would I be. Dead?”


Baker agrees that his catcall was for sure helpful and not simply demeaning and offensive.


“I’d hate to see that ass die,” says Baker. “But hey, I’m into any ass. I’m not selective. I’m disgusting.”


Wow, we’re all grateful for you Willis!!