Bead of Sweat That Originated in Woman’s Hair Is Reportedly Now In Her Ass

Early reports are indicating that a bead of sweat originating in Maria Anderson’s hairline has made it’s way down her back and is now deep in her ass.


Anderson, who is standing on the F train as part of her daily commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan, was devastated to discover that her extremely packed train car had no working air conditioning. Reportedly already sweating as she boarded the train, Anderson has now reached the peak sweat conditions that have enabled a single bead of sweat to travel down her neck, between her shoulder blades, down her back and into her waiting buttcrack.


Despite all the odds – including a thick bra strap, a shirt tucked into a skirt, and extremely full-back underwear – the brave droplet was able to complete its journey from head to ass totally unscathed and intact.


Anderson felt a sudden chill as the bead made contact with the top of her crack. For a moment she thought perhaps a stranger had touched her back, an occurrence not unheard of on New York City’s public transit. When she realized it was merely the same tiny sweat blob that she had previously felt dripping out of her hair onto her neck, she was relieved.


She also reportedly thought, “Ok cool, this is my hell.”



The sweat bead, now nestled comfortably in the vast crevasse that is Anderson’s crack, is awaiting its next phase, in which it will become just a small part of Anderson’s overall swamp ass.


The astounding journey taken by the bead of sweat today is rivaled only by the bead of sweat that started on Anderson’s forehead and is now remarkably nestled between her boobs.