Follow-Up Texts to Send Him After You Text Him Too Many Times

Double-texting might seem like the worst thing you could ever do to your budding relationship—and it is! You’ve made yourself seem way too thirsty way too soon. But there’s always hope for reclaiming your chill—all you have to do is send one to 12 more texts to fix the fact that you sent one too many texts. Here are the perfect follow-up messages to let him know you know you sent him too many messages.


“Sorry that was a butt text… and so is this.

This text will make you seem cool, aloof, and remind him that you have a butt!



“Ah damn autocorrect, I meant to send nothing.

Autocorrect trips us all up from time to time. No reason not to use this excuse here! For extra credit, send some too-orderly fake butt texts to prove your point, like “Aaassddffggghh” or “Butt butt butt.” Ugh, stupid butt!


“Oops wrong person. I was texting this other guy I’m sleeping with, also named Jason.”

This is the perfect text to send after you’ve sent some guy “Hey,” “how’s it going?” and “…u up?” to no response. This will make it seem like you have a million things going on, and he’s the last thing on your mind. This is working. You’re doing it. Jason is real and so are you.


“I’m pregnant.

You won’t look overly concerned with this surefire fix-it text. You were texting just the right amount given the seriousness of this situation. He’ll know that your hormones were to blame, not your desire to see him. He might not want to date you anymore, but hey—at least you fixed this double-text! There’s no shame in the fake pregnancy game when it comes to covering up your desperation!



[Taco Emoji]

This will remind him of your vagina if he’s horny, or of food if he’s hungry. Men are always one of these two things, so this has a 100% success rate of distracting him from all your previous texts.


“omg whats with all these texts im stoned haha.

This can really be a good follow-up to any of these texts we’ve suggested above if/when they don’t work.


If you can’t seem to stop your thumbs from ruining your dating life, these follow-up texts just might cover your tracks and return you to not totally pathetic in his eyes. Sure you could put down your phone, control yourself, and move on, but that’s way less fun! Good luck!