True Love! This Couple Doesn’t Have AC But Still Cuddles at Night

Get ready for a cuteness overload! Francis Holland and Emma Briar, a couple from Brooklyn, don’t have air conditioning, but the enamored pair cuddles at night regardless.


Wow! Our hearts are melting and their chapsticks probably are too!


“When we get into bed at night, we always cuddle,” said Emma. “Even when it’s time to actually fall asleep, we continue to touch, despite the fact that New York is seriously hot as hell in the summer and we don’t have an AC unit.”


Emma’s girlfriend corroborated her account of the couple’s bedtime routine.


“It’s uncomfortably hot for sure,” said Francis. “But I’m not going to not touch her when she’s lying right next to me. She’s so cute and I love her.”


Despite her insistence that cuddling through the wretchedly hot nights is the only viable option, Francis admits that they face obstacles like any other couple navigating summer physical contact.


“It’s not always easy,” she said. “Sometimes my butt sticks to her thighs due to a mixture of butt and thigh sweat, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.”


We’re amazed that Francis and Emma would sacrifice getting a comfortable night’s sleep in the name of touching their bodies together in their boiling apartment!


Still, there are some haters who don’t understand their love and devotion.


“I don’t get why they don’t just sleep next each other or something,” said a friend Nora Laughlin. “I hate being hot at night, everyone does. I feel like real love is knowing how to keep your partner happy, healthy and well-rested. A few nights without cuddles wouldn’t be the end of the world.”



Luckily, Francis and Emma are undeterred by Nora’s rational thinking.


“It’s definitely hard to get to sleep sometimes,” admitted Emma. “When there’s so much skin-to-skin contact I sometimes scream ‘ahhhhh’ because it’s so unbearable.”


“If we make it through August, she’s the one,” added Emma.


“For sure,” Francis agreed. “It’s just too sad when I wake up in the middle of night and we’re sleeping separately. I need to at least have a hand on her.”


Love is crazy!