Couple Finds Love After Man Calls Woman Out for Yawning at a Bar

It seemed like any other ordinary night out for Meg Harris, 28, of Weehawken, NJ, when she decided to go out for a drink after work. Little did she know that one momentous yawn would forever change the course of her life.


“Hey, no yawning yet—it’s the weekend and this is a bar,” said Doug Reed, 30, who spotted the inappropriately tired Meg from two stools over. And just like that, thanks to those 12 magical words, Meg was smitten. She was so taken aback by Doug’s originality and assertiveness that she went home with him that very night.



“I thought, ‘Wow, this guy’s so funny. Why am I yawning? It is the weekend and I should be psyched about that.’”


Meg said that something in her soul shifted when Doug adorably called her out for being tired at the end of a workweek, at a packed bar, in the middle of ordering a Stella Artois. Cupid’s arrow hit in the form of his devastatingly clever quip and she fell instantly and madly in love.


The rest is history: The two started chatting, got another round of drinks, and, three years later, Meg is still under the spell of Doug’s casual, funny observations about what is wrong with her behavior. He once asked, “Where are you headed? The beach?” when she wore a pair of brightly colored flip flops to work. She swooned, even after all this time.


Doug and Meg are engaged to be married this coming October (It’s an Oktoberfest-themed wedding, says Doug). Their engagement was announced yesterday on Facebook and has received 16 likes.