Man Love Tiny Woman Because She Make Feel Big

In big story from cold town in Nebraska, 24-year-old Louis Pfeffer love tiny woman because she make feel big.


“My girlfriend so small and I so large,” said Louis. “Me love her because me feel big and strong.”


Louis went on to explain his adoration for little woman who his.


“I put big hand on her small, small hand,” he said. “My hand big man hand. So big next to dainty lady hand.


“Me feel like giant even though me only man,” Louis added.


Louis’s girlfriend Gina not big fan of this.



“He doesn’t normally talk like this,” she added. “I’m getting really worried that he’s had a stroke or something.”


But for big man Louis, size matters big.


“Sometimes, me see couple that same height,” he said. “Man look so tiny. Not me, I huge, big big man with teeny woman. I real man. Me love small lady.”


“Me thinking of getting small, small dog to be more big,” Louis added. “But not too small – that gay.”