Woman Insists It Doesn’t Feel Like a Wednesday

Sources confirm that 28-year-old Laura Klein was shocked after she glanced at her wall calendar and realized it was Wednesday.


“It doesn’t feel like a Wednesday,” Laura says. “I really thought today was Thursday.”


According to her coworker Jason Doherty, Laura double-checked her calendar, tracing her finger down the Wednesday column and holding it there for quite some time.


“It really feels like more of a Thursday to me,” Laura explains. “I’m honestly shocked. I would’ve driven straight to my Thursday yoga class after work, that’s how sure I was that today was Thursday.”


“In the middle of every meeting, Laura would just start shaking her head in disbelief,” says supervisor Michelle Valenti. “I know the feeling, but at a certain point it was getting disruptive.”



Reports say that Laura had an “impossible” time getting past her mix-up.


“This whole thing just makes me doubt the power of instinct itself,” Laura explains. “How am I supposed to be sure of anything anymore? So I’m supposed to believe tomorrow is Thursday? How can I be so sure?”


Laura’s husband, Brian, was roped into the confusion as well.


“She sent me no fewer than fifteen texts today,” Brian said. “She really, really couldn’t believe today was Wednesday.”


Laura says her “whole week has been thrown off” but, she says, “there’s always tomorrow.”