5 Manly Candles Only Cool Girls Burn

Did you leave your flatiron on again, or is that the hardy scent of firewood we’re smelling? Keep up your cool-girl persona with these amazing candles for men and cool girls who break societal norms. Put away those Bahama Breeze candles that you used to love, and get one of these manly mandles instead.


1. beachwood

1. Beach Wood Large Jar Candle (Yankee Candle, $27.99)

Whoa—it does NOT smell like a prissy uptight bedroom in here! Go ahead and toss those lavender candles you got from your cousin’s bridal shower and trade them for the ultimate cool girl candle: Beach Wood. Nothing is less feminine than the scent of sand and dead tree! Now that your bedroom smells like a noxious burning starfish, everyone will know you’re totally down for a last-minute trip to the beach on a worknight. So chill!






2. Mountain Lodge Large Jar Candle (Yankee Candle, $27.99)2. mountain_lodge

No pumpkin spice scents in here! You’re not like other girls. Burn this bad boy and your room will smell like a cold, haunted mountain lodge that no one’s visited in 50 years. You rebel! It’s just a matter of time before your cute neighbor is knocking down your door—mostly to ask “Why does it smell like dead moths?” What a flirt!!!







3. Italian Leather Pillar Candle (Restoration Hardware, $42)3. leather_candle

Wow. Only the most confident, bad-ass cool girl would go to Restoration Hardware to pick up this candle that smells like your dad’s law office. You’re not just a cool girl—you’re the alpha cool girl, and everyone within a five-block radius is going to know that the rich, overpowering smell they can’t cover with Febreze is all you, girl!









4. Paddywax Tobacco & Patchouli Candle (Candle Delirium, $18)
Light up this crazy candle and transport your guests to the Phish concert they never planned on going to. No longer does your house smell like a crisp, late-spring day—now it smells like your Uncle Garry’s house. Are you cool enough to spend ten years following a jam band at the last minute? Everyone can tell now!




5. Gun Powder Handmade Candle (ManCans, $11)5. gun_candle

This is the ultimate cool girl candle because A, this company was literally started by a 13-year-old boy, and B, the candles come in used tin cans! With this testosterone-soaked atrocity, he’ll know right away that you’re totally chill and wouldn’t be put off by his home arsenal. Did that girl just exercise her Second Amendment rights by firing a shotgun off the roof, or is that the sexy, smoky smell of the most chill girl in the apartment complex? Let them wonder, tiger!





Hurry up and get these manly candles as soon as you can. Now everyone will know that you’re not an uptight lady that likes the smell of limoncello, but instead the chillest girl ever—not that you’re competitive or anything!