6 Ways To Get An Amazing Butt, Or As Good As You Can Since Yours Is So Flat

You can’t get a great butt without working for it, especially if you barely even have one to begin with. While there are many different and dramatic ways to improve your behind, sticking with a few good habits over time will create the best results. Here are 6 tips for getting an amazing rear, or in your case, at least something like a butt.


Save Time with High-Intensity Circuit Training

By doing a faster, higher intensity workout, you can get the same or better results in a shorter period of time. But since your butt’s so flat, you should probably stay at the gym and do more of these, since it will take you much longer than your genetically blessed, rounder-butted peers. Try doing a few sets of step-ups, then repeat at least seventeen times to even begin to make some sort of difference.



Switch Up Your Workout

By adding variety to your workout, you’ll be exercising different muscles each time, which will round out your your routine—and your butt. The variety might also help take your mind off the fact that no matter what you do, your butt will still be pretty flat.



Make sure you’re flexing your glutes at all times so you get more out of every move you make. By focusing, you’re able to feel your muscles being worked, assuring you that there are actually some muscles back there, even though they’re small and disappointing.


Push Through Your Heels During Squats

If you shift your weight backward from the toes while doing squats, you’ll really be able to feel your muscles burn. This burn will give you some hope that your flat butt is making some progress, however minimal.



Get Into The Habit Of Working Out Regularly

By working out regularly, you can improve your overall health and get lasting results overtime. This will ensure that you eventually achieve the butt you desire; or at least accept your limitations.


Change Up Your Diet

In addition to working out, modifying your diet can also improve the shape and size of your rear. Foods such as potatoes, lean beef, mixed nuts, whole wheat, and more can all add to your probably useless efforts.


If all else fails, just give up and accept that your butt will always be subpar. Best of luck!