Five Cool Jobs for Women in Science

While there is still a gender gap in STEM fields, more women are entering into science professions than ever before. Here’s our list of the best potential jobs for women in science:

MIT Cafeteria Lady

Av. Salary: $35,000
MIT cafeteria ladies spend their days feeding the masterminds behind the world’s most impressive inventions. You’ll get to tell your grandchildren that you brushed shoulders with men who have made history!

Beaker Cleaner

Av. Salary: $27,900
If you prefer to work in the lab, you’ll love cleaning out the aftermath of these high-stakes research projects. This is a job for women who want a hands-on career demonstrating their in-depth knowledge of science, and know that their job is critical to important lab work that the men are doing.


Lab Coat Seamstress

Av. Salary: $25,000
Ever wonder where scientists get those crisp white coats? A select few are stitched right here in the USA by ladies just like you! Be part of something that makes men look polished and smart. Slip one on yourself and imagine what it would feel like to be the same!

Part-Time Stripper at Astronomist Bachelor Parties

Av. Salary: $20,000
You’ll never get closer to these near-scientists than here! Slip your card in their pants and you might get a call when they need someone to hold their telescope.

Hostess at Sci-Fi Theme Restaurant

Av. Salary: $7/hour
Do you love science AND food? Then, this job is for you. Spend your days greeting and seating fellow science-lovers in a cool, social environment. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to wear a tight, one-piece spacesuit, just like NASA’s best and brightest!