Cool! This Man Only Hears Words Hot Women Say

We love to celebrate men who treat women as their equals. But sometimes, a man comes along who goes above and beyond: the incredible Dean Jordan can only hear words that come from the mouths of very hot women!


“I cannot stress how much I love women. They are so amazing and smart,” says Dean Jordan. “I’m basically a disciple of Selena Gomez, Blake Lively or Jessica Alba. Also Katrina with the lips who I work with.”


“I definitely am learning about how women deserve to be treated,” says Jordan. “You know, women: the hot ones who have legs, faces and butts I like.”


Wow, pretty amazing that this guy cannot hear or see women he doesn’t want to bang!


The women in Jordan’s life have understandably been devastated by his selective hearing.


“Last week I asked Dean to send me the 2014 tax reports. I had to ask him four times before he sent them,” says Saire Jenkins. “I’m his boss! Meanwhile, our 20-year-old intern asked him where the bathroom was and he walked her to the door.”


“He comes to our coffee shop every morning before work and I always greet him saying, ‘Good morning’,” says Daisy Carville. “He literally doesn’t register me as a person. One time I was standing right in front of him he dinged the bell and said, ‘Could I get some help here?’ I get it, you want to talk to Macy. I usually just sit in the back at 9:15 to avoid him.”



Jordan has no plans to change his habits.


“Women are doing amazing things,” says Jordan. “I just wish there were more of them saying things. It feels like the only ones who are talking are the ones on covers of magazines and in TV shows. I’d like to see the average woman say something for once.”


Trust us, they’re saying lots of things! Mostly about how bad you are!