Apple Releases the iPhone 36b for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awareness iphone

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Apple announced its plans to release the iPhone 36b this week. “The 36b embodies the same elegance as the 5c, but with added functionality to keep you extremely aware of breast cancer,” Tim Cook said. With a playful nod to September’s 5c announcement, he chuckled, “It’s beautifully, unapologetically pink.”
While the 5c is already available in pink, the 36b’s sleek exterior will come in Breast Cancer Pink, complimented by matching wallpaper, allowing for users to experience a “seamless awareness of breast cancer, even when the phone is off.” Apple is also manufacturing covers in Breast Cancer Magenta to mimic the shadowed sides of the cause’s emblematic ribbon.
With a built-in “Pinkscale” filter, the 36b automatically converts your photos from full color into different shades of pink. It also boasts Lapel Identification, which automatically identifies subjects’ chest areas and places a breast cancer ribbon on each. Small touches like this give this phone an unparalleled awareness of breast cancer.
In addition to the free built-in apps like Passbook and Stocks, the 36c will feature two new exclusive apps:
Utilizing the latest in digital healthcare, iMamm allows users to give each other mammograms by squishing their breasts between two iPhones. “Users finally have the ability to perform mammograms on the go. How cool is that?” said Cook. The reliability of this feature has yet to be proven and is currently being marketed “for entertainment purposes only.”
This app allows women to share pictures of their breasts, pre and post-op, through a secure network of verifiably female cancer survivors.
In typical Apple fashion, the announcement left the audience with a lingering question: are any proceeds actually going to a charity? As it turns out, rates vary by carrier as they are based on individual phone plans.