Susan G. Komen Teams Up with Asbestos for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hot on the heels of their partnership with Baker Hughes to produce pink drill bits for hydrofracking, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has announced that they will close Breast Cancer Awareness Month by launching a second partnership with one of the biggest asbestos manufacturers in the country.


“It just seemed like such a logical pairing,” said Komen spokeswoman, Helen Broker. “Much of asbestos insulation is already pink, and pink things naturally remind people of breast cancer.”


Broker advocated the Foundation’s decision, citing the desire to stay relevant as a major factor in the partnership. “Old trends are coming back, and quickly. There is something so wonderfully vintage about asbestos that is, in a charmingly ‘je ne sais quoi’ way, exactly on point with the Foundation’s mission.”


The Foundation is reportedly “thrilled” with the potential marketing strategies a name like asbestos affords. Broker explained, “Asbestos really has its finger in a lot of pots. And fire blankets. And marine gaskets used in the early half of the 20th century. This stuff is everywhere, much like breast cancer.”



We can definitely get in on that with blankets, insulation material, curtains — pink, pink, pink, everywhere!” Though she couldn’t reveal exact figures, Broker noted the Komen Foundation would receive a generous percentage of revenue from sales of pink items.


AsbestosPink!® products will be available nationwide at participating retailers as early as next week.