Man Not Yet Revealed to Be Serial Abuser Bravely Denounces Man Revealed to Be Serial Abuser

Earlier this week, serial abuser Michael Davis took a brave chance, publicly denouncing another man recently revealed to be a serial abuser.


“As a male feminist, I’m horrified by the actions of my fellow men and am now using my platform to speak out against abusers,” says the 26-year-old who had been wreaking emotional havoc on the lives of women for years. “I promise to listen to any woman who wants to talk. I’m an ally, and you can trust me.”


“I blocked him from my feed after he posted that,” says Lydia Yee, one of Davis’ ex-girlfriends. “We’re talking about the same guy who routinely put me down and then gaslit me about his aggressive behavior. The guy has never listened to anyone in his life.”


“I’m not sure why my ex doesn’t talk to me anymore,” says Davis. “Anyway, I’ll never know what it’s truly like for a woman to be trapped in an abusive relationship, but I can write 3,000 words about what I imagine it’s like, and I intend to do just that.”


Davis then wrote a follow-up status, calling the man a “monster” and generally bemoaning the consequences of toxic masculinity.


“I almost lost my shit when I saw both of those statuses,” says Casey Schreiner, another ex-girlfriend of Davis’. “You’re telling me the same abusive, manipulative narcissist who made me feel like I couldn’t even trust my own perception of myself now gets lauded as a feminist hero? But you know what? Of course that would happen for him.”


A number of women, none of whom know Davis well, left comments praising him for his bravery.


“You’re literally a savior, Michael!” writes Jenna McSwain, an acquaintance of Davis’.



When confronted by Davis’ ex-girlfriends about his abusive behavior, McSwain shrugged, saying, “I left that comment because Michael has always been really nice to me. I never saw any signs of abuse when we hung out at work together! It’s hard to imagine him being that guy, so I just won’t.”


By the end of the week, Davis’ status denouncing his fellow abuser had acquired hundreds of likes, without anyone suspecting that his desire to be in the spotlight as a savior for women might actually be a symptom of something much darker about him.