Trend Alert: Women Rocking Man Buns!

Step aside, fellas—buns are a girl thing now! The man bun is without a doubt the hottest hair trend of the moment. It’s so popular that now even women are jumping on board. Fashionistas around the world are starting to adopt the typically male hairstyle of tying their long hair into a ball. Sounds nuts, but it actually looks pretty cute! Thanks, men!


Need a tutorial on how you too can turn your boring old hairdo into a vibrant, eye-catching man bun? The first step is the most important: You must be a woman. After that, just put your hair in a bun as if you were a man, and you’re good to go!



“It’s just really androgynous and edgy,” says supermodel Rochelle Heatherfield, one of the first to daringly sport a woman bun. “People assume I’m a man from behind because of my bun, and I love to see their faces when I turn around and reveal my gorgeous woman face. I have fun with my bun.”


The new chic style has confused many normies. The beauty of the man bun is that it tells you in its name what gender it’s for, and the term “woman bun” still hasn’t caught on.


“Why can’t it just be a bun, not a man bun or a woman bun?” says local dumb person, Rebecca from work. “I don’t understand.”



What Rebecca and those like her fail to understand is that assigning gender to styles, activities, and products actually gives all of us so much more freedom! For example, imagine seeing your boyfriend buying a scented candle. You’d probably assume he’s gay and dump him immediately and cry for a week, right? Right. But, if he buys a man candle (or “mandle”), you can rest assured in his hetero-masculinity. The same goes for woman buns. Imagine seeing your best gal pal running around town with her hair in a man bun. Woah, total freak, right? But when you find out it’s a woman bun, you can still safely hang out with her without worrying that she’s going to slash your face off.


Fashion is great!!! With the woman bun, even us girls can look as hot as men. Thanks, buns!