The Biggest Brow Mistakes and How You’ll Be Forced to Pay for Them

Everyone loves Cara Delevingne’s amazing brows! But not everyone can have them. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to sculpting your facey fuzzies, and straight-up copying Cara’s style can lead to unflattering results that we will absolutely not tolerate. Got it? Here, a few of the biggest brow mistakes and how you’ll pay for them.


The Mistake: Unruly Arches

The Punishment: Time-Out

Arches: We love ‘em bold and we love ‘em feathery. But unkempt? Absolutely fucking not. Messy arches will make you look careless and, if you keep them that way, might also fill your day (and ours) with regret. Just so we have a game plan to make sure this brow snafu never, ever happens again, send yourself to a designated corner (in your backyard or kitchen) for a few minutes to think about the terrible brow mistake you just did. Several minutes in a quiet zone should put a stop to any further misbrow-haviors! Now you’re on your way to a pretty pair of eyeWOWs!



The Mistake: Bald Spots

The Punishment: Early Bedtime

Just because your friends have sparse brows doesn’t make it okay for you to do the same. Allow your face-framers to grow in au naturel! After all, over-tweezing can make your brows too thin, and we didn’t give you permission for that, which you knew, because we’ve told you so many times that it is no longer 2003. You’re not alone in over-tweezing your brows, but you will be now that your bedtime is 7 o’clock. We’re strict about this one. Seriously, we don’t care if it’s still light out; you’re going to bed. And no, you can’t have another glass of water because you just had one, and no, you aren’t allowed to read or do anything until this insane brow blunder grows out.


The Mistake: Over-Filling

The Punishment: Make a Homemade “Correction” Can

Brows should always be a statement accessory for your eyes, but filling them in like a coloring book? That’s a big no-no. We feel more disappointed than mad, though, so we’re gonna switch things up and make this punishment a little more fun. Fill a can with slips of paper and write random penalties on them. You won’t have time to Sharpie in your brows when you’re doing the dishes every night, or taking out your neighbor’s trash. Keeping your consequences unpredictable means at least 90% fewer brow follies.



The Mistake: Tail Too Long

The Punishment: Skip Your Birthday This Year

Downward pointed brows make your face look sad. Always extend them up and toward your temple or get ready to feel sad. You know what that means: no birthday this year. Not until you fix the brow terror you did. That’s right; you’ll have to wait a whole year to experience the happiness of eating cake and opening presents for making this particular facial mistake. Accept the consequences, however, and we guarantee you’ll learn some important beauty discipline.


Brows are a serious part of your face. With these punishments, you’ll think twice before screwing them up again.