10 Of-The-Moment Trends That Look Great on Every Kendall Jenner

Fashion trends are always fun, but not every trend works for every gal. We get that! That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate list of this Fall/Winter’s greatest trends that are sure to flatter every. Single. Kendall. Jenner. No more guessing games, ladies! As long as you’re a Kendall Jenner, we got you covered!



1. NerdPants-Tibi

1. Nerd Pants (Tibi, $1,200

What Kendall Jenner wouldn’t look amazing in wide, high-waisted pants that cut off at the calves?! You had us at highwaters! Grab this luxe leather pair from Tibi and channel the “nerd” you could never possibly be, Little Miss It-Girl!








2. Plunge-Intermix

2. Plunging Neckline (Nicholas – Intermix Online, $320)

If there’s one thing a Kendall Jenner’s breasts always do, it’s hold their shape without any support—amiright, ladies? Show off your genetic supremacy in this fabulous Nicholas Drape Hem top from Intermix that leaves no room for imperfections, as if you had any!






3. ThighHigh-McQueen

3. Thigh-High Boots (Alexander McQueen – Saks, Price upon request)

Thigh high boots are getting major runway attention this Fall/Winter—and for good reason! These universally Kendall-flattering boots draw attention to your upper thighs, which have been unmarred by the stresses of quotidian adulthood. What better way to leave them saying, “Is that a second pair of arms or are those the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen?!”






4. Cutout-Asos

4. Cut-Outs (WOW Couture – Asos, $196)

Cut-out details on dresses, tops and jumpsuits are this season’s solution to every Kendall Jenner’s problem of just too much fabric! Girl, you’ve got 4% body fat and zero excuses not to flaunt your womanly skeletal structure! Our suggestion: this angelic, unforgiving frock from Asos.






5. Peekaboo-NastyGal

5. Peekaboo Lace Skirt (Nasty Gal, $78)

Finally! A full-length maxi skirt without any of the coverage! Don’t be afraid of showing cellulite in this booty-baring style because you don’t have any, Kendall Jenner! Try this glam option from Nasty Gal—trust us, your thigh gap will thank you!










6. Sweatshirt Dress

6. Sweatshirt Dress (Yeezy Adidas Originals by Kanye West – Farfetch, $495)

Show your relaxed side in this sexy yet comfy trend: Take any $500 sweatshirt from the hip-hop mogul-turned-fashion designer brother-in-law in your life, pair it with some $800 pumps, and wear it as just barely a dress! Easy, Breezy, Yeezy!






7. Hip Slits-LC

7. Hip Slits (Love Culture, $27.95)

Say good riddance to underwear once and for all with this latest Kendall-flattering trend. Slits up to the hip are all about highlighting that naturally flattering thigh to upper-hip area on every Kendall Jenner. You love attention, and with this hot number by Love Culture you’ll always be one stiff breeze away from complete genital exposure!






DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - APRIL 11: A model walks the runway at the Yousef Al-Jasmi show during Dubai Fashion Forward April 2015 at Madinat Jumeirah on April 11, 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Fashion Forward)

8. Gatsby-Inspired (Yousef Al-Jasmi FFWD Season 5)

Any woman with pre-Depression levels of wealth and a gaggle of gorgeous relatives can pull off this fun fashion reboot! Try this $8,000 Yousef Al-Jasmi fringed cocktail flapper dress to flaunt your love for Gatsby-era decadence without any of the irony of celebrating a novel that criticizes wealth inequality and the empty pursuit of fame! It’s the bee’s knees!






9. IT-Gigi Hadid

9. The “IT” Accessory: Gigi Hadid! (Instagram.com)

If there’s one thing we cannot live without this season, it’s a Gigi Hadid! And for good reason: Gigi Hadids are sleek, comfortable and go with EVERYTHING. Hurry up and snag your Gigi Hadid, because you just CANNOT leave the house without one of those hot mamas on your arm, like ever!






10. BurlapSack

10. Burlap Sack (OnlineFabricStore.com, $1.94)

Okay, so this isn’t really a trend, but let’s be honest: When you’re a Kendall Jenner, literally everything looks amazing on you! Whether you wear one for casual errands at the local Yves St. Laurent or for strutting the catwalk at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, do it with confidence in a burlap sack! You’re a Kendall Jenner—you couldn’t look bad if you tried!


There you have it: the top ten totally hip, totally wearable, right-now looks that look great on every Kendall Jenner. Trends may come and go, but as long as you’re a Kendall Jenner, you’ll always look amazing! You go, girl!