How to Replace All Snacks with a Handful of Almonds

Everyone knows that snacking is fun, but did you know that not all snacks are healthy? Snacks can be a surprising source of salt, fat, taste, and food—that’s a lot! And according to some sources, sugar can be in snacks, too—yikes! If you want to have a bite between meals but want to avoid the calorie overload, simply replace that yummy snack with a satisfying handful of almonds. Here’s how you can not eat the good thing but instead eat almonds:


Lay’s Classic Potato Chips – Handful of Almonds

While these salty, crispy potato treats are no doubt delectable, they can also cause fatness. Who needs more fat? Instead, go with a handful of roasted salted almonds. The fiber will make you feel fuller longer, and the almond will remind you that you’re eating almonds and you’re healthy. But hey, salt is good, right? Almonds have .2 mg of sodium per handful, and won’t leave your mouth with that salty, savory taste!


Keebler Chips Deluxe Rainbow Cookies – Handful of Almonds

Nothing’s better than these candy-studded cookies, not even almonds! Kick the sugary carb bombs to the curb and chow down on a palm-sized serving of roasted unsalted almonds. You still get the satisfying crunch of the cookie, but none of the moan-inducing deliciousness because you’re actually eating a handful of almonds. In comparison to diabetes, almonds are way better than diabetes.


Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar – Handful of Almonds

If you love chocolate, you’ll like almonds! Just one Hershey’s bar contains 40% of your recommended daily saturated fat and 33.3333% of why s’mores are so delicious. Yowzah! The healthy fats found in nuts are no fun, no fun at all. Throw your smile in the garbage and eat some almonds.



Loaded Nachos – Handful of Almonds

Nachos taste like simultaneous orgasms feel, but you want to wear pants with a button again someday, don’t you? Tamp down your urge to have a fun communal snack with your buds and instead miserably pull out a Ziploc of raw almonds from your purse. Remember, it’s totally legal to eat things that are healthy but taste like sadness. What they lack in taste, they make up for in almonds!


Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream – Handful of Almonds

If you had a horrible day at work and are PMSing hard and just want to flop down on the couch and cry, there’s no better treat to take the edge off than a pint of B&J. However, most ice cream contains a very high amount of sugar, fat, and saturated fat. That turns into fat! Take the edge off your day by kicking back with a handful of soaked almonds. They’re easier to digest and are far more disgusting than anything you’ve ever attempted to eat. If it’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s good enough for you—even if it’s not good at all!


There you have it—five simple ways to eat a handful of almonds! These snacks get our almond seal of approval!